Technological Future

Development is the main element of the world, which includes technological innovation. Of course, it is impossible to stop developing technology. But the technological revolution is coming to us, if we still keep it happening. What can we do? How can we save contemporary society? What is the solution? Here, is trying to broadcast this … Continue reading Technological Future


Is here anyone listening to my lecture now? –Technological education

Nowadays, the technological innovation improve lecture recording for students. Which is benefit for student to review and study. However, usually there is no attendance of lecture, students may think 'oh, I can water the recording later on website, it is fine if I do not go.' Therefore, this is a problem for lecturer, as similar as … Continue reading Is here anyone listening to my lecture now? –Technological education

Printing! Don’t leave me away, plz!

According to technological innovation, society are going to utilise technological machine media more than printing press. In the past 20 years, newspaper is the main tool for media communication. Also magazine and books are the main part of printing press too. Printing press is "so important that it has come to be known as one … Continue reading Printing! Don’t leave me away, plz!

Hey, who am I? –plastic surgeried ‘face’

Nowadays, technological innovation also improve the business of plastic surgery. Again, it leads this contemporary society to be not really real. Actually, a great number of idols are would like to be more beautiful to attract fans. But there are some parts on face are not the best, as though they may do the plastic … Continue reading Hey, who am I? –plastic surgeried ‘face’

Rich → Poor → Rich

Because of technological innovation, rich people are going to be richer, as well as poor people are going to be poorer. The distance are being huger.  (Digital Bloggers, 2016) Technological innovation leads to more education and knowledge for us, rich people have more opportunities to experience, attempt and invest than poor people.  Rich people can … Continue reading Rich → Poor → Rich

Technological ‘Anti’-Privates

According to the technological society, website is another concomitant visual society. People used to communicate with each other by Facebook, Twitter and more social media. Also, same as here, to utilise WordPress, FaceBook and Twitter to share blogs and thinkings with the publics. This is a visual pages, to post thinking and understandings. What is … Continue reading Technological ‘Anti’-Privates

Technological Human Resource

Before start reading this blog post, let us think about these few questions here: What are we working for? Who are we working for? What are we learning for? Who is employing us? How can human be lived without technology? What may be happened if society continually develop technology?  (Picture from: Listly, 2016) Technological innovation … Continue reading Technological Human Resource

Automated Calling Service or Smart Human Service?

Nowadays, most business services have started to utilise automated calling service and few human service. An Automated Calling Service should be considered in any situation where a large number of outbound calls or emails are necessary, especially when speed and accuracy are important.  One Call Now’s automated calling service makes it easy to load contacts, create … Continue reading Automated Calling Service or Smart Human Service?

Technological innovation: Part II- Negative

The Future of Innovation and Employment: As in Part I, technological innovation improve a better society for people. However, new technology in its widest forms knit together into a weft and warp throughout society, all adding to the totality of effect upon industry and employment (Technology change, 1980). Nowadays, everything of society have to depend … Continue reading Technological innovation: Part II- Negative

Technological innovation: Part I -Positive

Technological innovation is a contemporary trend, society encourage teenagers to innovate more technological changes. In fact, this had been happened in 1960s. That we are currently in a protracted period of rapid technological changes is now self-evident. although at the outset of this period for many in trade union movement it was not so self-evident … Continue reading Technological innovation: Part I -Positive